Fusion breakthrough and NASA’s Artemis drama lead this week’s science news

This week was dominated by space news, starting off with Blue Origin suing NASA over its awarding the Artemis lunar lander contract to SpaceX and ending with NASA formally delaying work on the program to deal with Jeff Bezos’ space company’s complaint. 

In between all that, we saw some incredible work from NASA’s Mars Ingenuity helicopter as its ongoing Mars mission evolves well past its original objectives. We also saw some brilliant work done by Caltech scientists who used ripples in Saturn’s rings to probe the interior of the planet.

There was also the report out of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California of a nuclear fusion breakthrough that puts us on the cusp of sustained artificial nuclear fusion, the key to unlocking cheap, clean, and nearly unlimited energy.

Jeff Bezos giving a thumbs up from inside Blue Origin's New Shepherd capsule

(Image credit: Blue Origin)

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin sues NASA over Artemis lunar lander contract, delaying Artemis mission until 2025