Gloat Joins World Economic Forum Global Innovators Community with Focus on Ethical AI

NEW YORK, November 15, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gloat, the leading provider of Workforce Agility and pioneer of the AI-powered Talent Marketplace, announced today it has joined the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community. As part of this invitation-only group of the world’s most promising start-ups and scale-ups, Gloat will help shape the future of ethical technological and business model innovation at the intersection of AI and human resources.

More than ever, enterprises need to understand the full scope of their workforce at speed and scale, so they can efficiently upskill, reskill, and redeploy their people according to business objectives and market disruptions. Artificial intelligence can analyze billions of data points about organizations’ internal and external talent pools, providing the most actionable recommendations for internal mobility, talent and skill acquisition, career pathing, upskilling, mentorships and gigs. As part of the World Economic Forum and its community, Gloat will share its perspectives, helping to ensure companies have the resources to select AI-based tools and vendors that they can trust to mitigate bias and adapt within holistic, self-evolving workforce models.

“The World Economic Forum is happy to have Gloat join our Global Innovators community and the Platform for Shaping the Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,” said Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head of the Platform for Shaping the Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, World Economic Forum. “Including new, innovative voices is essential in the work we do at the Forum, and we look forward to what Gloat will add to our initiatives, dialogues and platforms specifically focused on responsible AI.”

Gloat will take part in the Shaping the Future of Technology Governance: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program, helping to identify solutions that make AI more equitable, fair, and inclusive for everyone. As part of this platform, Gloat will engage in two initiatives focused on creating responsible and human-centered artificial intelligence technology and systems:

  • Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence for Human Resources: Gloat will help create a practical toolkit and shape recommendations for the responsible use of AI in HR.

  • Responsible AI Certification: Gloat will help build a comprehensive and independent certification program that is trustworthy, transparent, practical and measurable in its assessment of AI systems’ risk level.

“At Gloat, we’ve always sought to refine and deepen our expertise surrounding responsible AI within HR,” said Ben Reuveni, co-founder and CEO of Gloat. “By joining the Global Innovators Community, we can share our knowledge in a forum that will amplify its impact far beyond our business. If adopted broadly, using AI in HR has the potential to take workforce understanding, strategy and execution to the next level. We must work harder than ever to show talent leaders how technology vendors are ensuring their AI promotes diversity, equity and inclusion while simultaneously enhancing human decision-making.”

With years of experience optimizing enterprises’ workforce planning with powerful intelligence, Gloat builds and maintains its AI responsibly through a series of commitments to accountability, fairness, proactivity, transparency and enhancing—but not replacing—human awareness and decision making.

For more information on Gloat’s commitment to ethical AI, read our mission statement.

About Gloat

Gloat is an industry-leading Workforce Agility Platform that enables businesses to move like a startup and deliver like an enterprise. Bringing together the world’s first AI-powered Talent Marketplace with rich, dynamic Workforce Intelligence, the Gloat platform empowers businesses to develop and deploy their talent, while continuously understanding and adapting their workforce to changing needs. With Gloat, businesses are ready to navigate change at speed, retain critical skill sets, and design a future-proof workforce.

Gloat is trusted by some of the world’s leading global enterprises, including Unilever, Schneider Electric, Standard Chartered Bank, PepsiCo, Nestlé, Novartis, HSBC, Seagate, and many more.

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