Grant Cardone Reveals Scientology Secrets in Recent Interview

A successful Scientologist explains why he connects himself to the Church and how it has impacted his life.

Many rumors surround the Scientology Church and how it handles members. Grant Cardone, a Scientologist who has been an outspoken supporter of the Church. In a recent interview, he discussed why he believes in Scientology and the secrets behind the organization’s operations.

Grant Cardone struggled to get his life in order from a young age. By his 40s, he was a mess with addiction and the inability to hold down a responsible lifestyle. He says this all changed when he got involved with Scientology.

“Look, I’ve been interested my whole life in who I am,” he explained in the interview. “Why am I winning in life or having troubles in life? What does it take to make a marriage work? What does it take to make money work? What does it take to be happy? How can I find my purpose? Where’s my energy at? Grant Cardone says Scientology has helped me with all those things. I was a mess 25 years ago, and Scientology… It is not what you see in the papers, the tabloids, CNN, or the quitter on the documentary. It’s for honest people who want to look at their lives and know they have more potential. And if you believe you have more potential, what they do there is they show you ways to get rid of things that might be blocking you.”

He says that many lies in the media twist the truths of Scientology. One example he gives is the cost to go to the classes and seminars required to maintain membership. “One of the lies by the fake media about Scientology is that it’s just for rich people,” he says. “There are courses there for $15 on communication that would change a person’s life. I took a $29 confidence course that changed my ability to speak to people. There are courses on financial stress. I’ve taken these courses for around $19.”

Finally, he says he appreciates that the focus is on personal development, which leads to spirituality. According to Grant Cardone, Scientology leaves the defined understanding of God out of the picture. “This is not a Muslim God, this is not a Christian God, they leave that alone,” he explains. “You could be a Catholic, and Scientology would just make you a better Catholic. But what’s it going to do for you, is it’s going to make you a better husband, a better father, a better leader, a better mother, a better son.”

However, the biggest secret, Cardone says, is how many people are in Scientology. According to him, many super, super successful business people use it without anyone even realizing it. He says the difference is Scientology helps successful person finds joy beyond their wealth.