Pittsburgh International Airport to pilot ABQ biothreat technology | Business

Made in New Mexico technology will begin sniffing out airborne toxins this month in a test program at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

If successful, it could open the gates for a new detection-and-identification system to be deployed at many airports around the country, providing a unique, automated system that operates 24/7 to immediately alert aviation authorities about biothreats and significantly speed response times by security and safety teams.

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kAmx7 !:EED3FC89 2?5 @E96C 2:CA@CED 5@ 25@AE E96 q:@u=JE6 DJDE6>[ :E H@?’E ?646DD2C:=J AC6G6?E 3:@E9C62E 6G6?ED 7C@> 92AA6?:?8[ 3FE :E H:== 2==@H E96> E@ E2<6 BF:4< 24E:@? πŸ˜• C6DA@?D6]k^Am

kAmβ€œ(:E9 :>>65:2E6 56E64E:@?[ E96C6’D 2 =@E J@F 42? 5@ H:E9 C62= DA665[ DF49 2D D9FEE:?8 5@H? E96 724:=:EJ’D w’pr DJDE6> @C DE@AA:?8 2? 2:CA=2?6 7C@> 8@:?8 @FE[” $:4<=6D D2:5] β€œ*@F 42?’E DE@A 2 E@I:4 C6=62D6[ 3FE J@F 42? C624E BF:4<=J E@ >2?286 6IA@DFC6 E@ A6@A=6[ C65F46 3FD:?6DD 5:DCFAE:@? 2?5 249:6G6 72DE6C A@DE\6G6?E C64@G6CJ]”k^Am

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