Top rated 10 robotic and artificial intelligence stories of 2021


again in 2018, the toyota engineering modern society produced a robot equipped with artificial intelligence and an means to shoot hoops that put professional basketball players to shame. named CUE, the robot can shoot with practically 100-% precision at limited distances. 


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Watch THE WORLD’S MOST State-of-the-art HUMANOID ATLAS Robot BY BOSTON DYNAMICS IN Action AND Falling out?v=tF4DML7FIWk


boston dynamics revealed two impressive guiding-the-scenes videos, capturing their altas robot in motion. they demonstrate how it maneuvers, leaps, somersaults, and backflips, as very well as falls about and crushes the ground. pushing the humanoid robotic to its limits, the company’s engineers designed new actions animated by human behaviors, exploring the up coming era of mobility, perception, and athletic abilities. by means of the parkour motion, we see atlas robots completing the sophisticated impediment program practically flawlessly.


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Major + THE METALS Enterprise Develop UNDERWATER ROBOTS FOR Future-Generation DEEPSEA MINING


TOP 10 robotic and artificial intelligence stories of 2021
all visuals courtesy of the metals corporation.


bjarke ingels team (Large) has partnered with the metals corporation, a vancouver-centered seafloor polymetallic nodules exploration company, to create a new generation of both onshore and offshore amenities, underwater robotic vehicles, and other waterborne vessels that will aid aid deepsea mining. the recently proposed patterns will help reshape traditional battery output and drive it to a net-zero-carbon future, by extracting metals from the seafloor.


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WORLD’S To start with-At any time Distant TATTOO NEEDLED BY Robot ARM By means of 5G Network out?v=GSbaqCe747Q


in get to boost the velocity, trustworthiness and reduced latency of its new 5G community, t-cellular netherlands has developed ‘the impossible tattoo‘: world’s to start with-ever remote tattoo, drawn by a 5G-powered robot. the tattoo was needled into the pores and skin of actress stijn fransen, by a robotic arm staying managed by tattoo artist wes thomas in one more location. the approach was recorded and showcased in an extraordinary a few-moment documentary-model movie. 


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Automated HARVESTING Robot SEEKS TO Remedy JAPAN’S LABOR Scarcity Problem


TOP 10 robotic and artificial intelligence stories of 2021
robotic digicam recognizes agricultural goods | picture courtesy of AGRIST


japanese enterprise AGRIST is establishing a farm robot that seeks to clear up the issue of labor lack in agricultural harvesting. formulated in collaboration with the farmers of shintomi city, miyazaki prefecture, the place agriculture is flourishing, the computerized bell pepper harvesting robot L weights 16kg and can work constantly for 4 hrs with just one battery cost. contrary to most present robots in the sector, which run on the floor, L moves on a wire that is put in within the greenhouse. this gets rid of the need to have for a rail on the ground, and enables for a simplified construction and much easier all round operation.


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a workforce of scientists from tsinghua university in china has formulated an autonomous bicycle that can harmony itself, swerve to stay clear of obstacles, detect and follow targets, and reply to voice commands. the riderless bicycle operates applying an digital chip referred to as the tianjic chip, which integrates two methods to artificial typical intelligence (AGI): laptop or computer-science-oriented and neuroscience-oriented.


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Job interview WITH THE CREATOR OF AI-DA, THE Everyday living-Dimension HUMANOID Robotic ARTIST Making SELF-PORTRAITS Devoid of A SELF


TOP 10 robotic and artificial intelligence stories of 2021


Ai-Da, the world’s first extremely-realistic robot artist, can attract, paint, engage as a functionality artist and take part in energetic dialogue. as a machine with AI capabilities, Ai-Da — named following ada lovelace, the groundbreaking feminine scientist and mathematician — is a composite persona comprising a large range of distinct pc courses, robotics, silicone, and human influences. she has been devised by gallery director aidan meller, and characteristics a reasonable silicone facial area created by researcher lucy seal, electronic artist alex kafousssias and ​3D designer tim milward to make her surface alive with expression, enthusiasm, and even imagination. meanwhile, a robotic arm made by college of leeds university of digital and electrical engineering students salah al abd and ziad abass, allows her to hold a pencil. the duo implemented smart algorithms that used pc eyesight to assess who Ai-Da sees, then made a manage process that produced a route for her arm to comply with centered on her interpretation.


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