The Effects of Lamination in Marketing

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There are several factors to consider when formulating a marketing strategy for a business. There are a plethora of platforms and methods that can be incorporated to get the message across. Targeted marketing has been proven to be one of the most successful methods of marketing. 

The problem with some forms of direct marketing, such as mailers, is that the mailers may get damaged on route to the customer. From the printing presses to the client, the mailer will change hands a few times. This makes the mailer subject to wear and tear.

By the time the mailer reaches the prospective client, it may not be in the same condition as it was when it left the printing shop. This is something most business owners would like to avoid. As this speaks directly of the quality of the business, its image, and the products/services that it offers. It will affect the perception that the client has of your business. 

There is a solution to the problem. Mailers can be laminated, and, the best part about this is that it completely transforms the appearance and feel of the mailer. Here are two benefits to laminating a plastic postcard before sending it out to the target market. 


As previously stated, mailers can get damaged in the mail. Lamination increases the durability of the mailer, ensuring that it reaches the client in the same condition that it left the printing press. 

Furthermore, laminating a postcard can eliminate unwanted finger prints, smudges, tears, and spills while also protecting the postcard against other forms of pollution.


Laminating a postcard can transform its appearance and the way it feels in your hands. Laminated postcards feel more expensive and also enhance the colors of the images and text on the postcard. But most importantly, a laminated postcard looks more professional and handles better than paper or cardboard.